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Has anyone ever told you that you're a pillar? Of all the years I've been on this earth, I've come to one conclusion: businesses wouldn't be the entities they are today without the great people (like you) who fulfill visions, satisfy customers, care for the sick, resolve operations issues, or serve as the "paper-pushers."
Unlike management slots, the competition for support roles is highly competitive ... making you feel like you're in a bad dream.  You know the one, where you're running and running but you never catch the object or person you're chasing. Of course, there's a "running from [something]" dream too, but I'll keep that example for another forum. <grin>

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Teena Rose, Book Author, Resume Expert, Public Speaker, and Master of "Transforming Icky, Yuk, Blah, and Ho-Hum Content into WOW"

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You know that 1+1 equals 2. So, using the law of physics, getting out my scientific calculator, and tapity-tapity-tap, I determine a jobseeker in need of a great resume plus a highly skilled resume writer equals one hell of a resume for an incredible job search. Go ahead, verify it for yourself. ;) I checked and double-checked, so my calculation must be correct.

I have a "no bull" guarantee. First, if you're unhappy with the resume I write, I'll scrap it and design another. Second, I'll save you $$'s by designing a resume that will land you a job quicker and with less effort on your part. Third, I'll design a resume that will change the course of your career ... forever. I'm one of the best; therefore, you'll receive only the best from me.

What you should know:

  • Today's resumes need to impress human and "computer" eyes

  • Your resume needs to be focused using rich keywords, or you're wasting valuable time

  • The content of your resume should "sell" not only "tell"

  • Visual appeal is just as critical as the content used

  • If elements of your old resume aren't promoting you, it's nothing more than dead weight

  • How your resume is catalogued can have a significant impact on your job-search efforts

We take your career history and present it in a terrific resume that spotlights the skill set important to your next career move. Whether it's a lateral or horizontal career move, we take the key elements from your history and emphasize it into a resume that will catch readers' eyes. We shoot for unique and effective, not routine and bland. Don't follow the same path forged by your competitors; set yourself apart. Notes from clients include:

  • "The entire experience was exceptional.  All requests were completed in a timely manner.  I would definitely recommend this service to friends and family." R.B., Human Resources

  • "I love what you did!!! You nailed it on the first try!" L.W., Executive Secretary, Silver Spring, MD

  • "The format is absolutely incredible.  It gives me more confidence in my job search." R.L., Administration, CA

  • "The quality of documents is superb ... This is the true beauty in working with Resume to Referral.  A customer oriented service with an outstanding product.  I'm sure that these two things can't be found in many businesses today. EXCEPTIONAL!" J.B., Network Administrator, USAF, Dayton, OH

  • "Thank you for using your expertise to assist me...the attention to detail and sense of creativity you put into my portfolio has made it a winner, truly excellent work!" B.B., Outside Sales, Tres Pinos, CA

  • "The cover letter looked great, I would like for you to do your magic on my pathetic looking resume." B.C., Manager, IL

  • "Your writing ability has opened many doors for me.  I have been on many interviews and am actually heading out today for another." J.J., Manufacturing Manager & Engineer, Horicon, WI

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"...  thank you, I'm very pleased with the resume. Feel free to use
me as a reference on your 
website." G.B., Coordinator for
Environmental Safety, Commerce,

"I've living in LA now, getting
ready to start work next Monday.
Thanks again for the great
resume." S.C., Pilot, Rancho
Cucamonga, CA

"Thank you!! Happy to report my
job search has ended after only a
couple months of using your
services. I really appreciate the
extra mile(s) you've taken with
advice, follow-up and fine touches.
I will recommend you to everyone
I can!" A.B., Sales, Independence,

"Everything is great.  I accepted a
full time position ... I can't thank
you enough for a job well done on
my resume and cover letter.  I can
say with confident that your
services get results." S.V.,
HelpDesk/Network Support,
Brookville, OH

"Thank you for using your
expertise to assist me...the
attention to detail and sense of
creativity you put into my portfolio
has made it a winner, truly
excellent work!" B.B.,  Outside
Sales, Tres Pinos, CA

"HOLY COW! Is that really me? I
got goose bumps!" C.F., 
Community Services Coordinator,
Chazy, NY

"Again, looks great! I am very
happy with your product." R.Z.,
Transportation Manager, 
Wappingers Falls, NY

"Things are going very well. I
received a job offer yesterday that
I will more than likely accept. 
Thank you for all of your work - 
the resume redesign was a big step
 forward in my career search."
N.D., Project Manager, Dayton, OH

"I'm impressed with your services.
Thank you." B.D., Financial 
Services, LaCrosse, WI

"Just read the 2nd drafts. 
Excellent work!! Thank you so
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without you."  C.B., Regional
Manager, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you SO MUCH!!!  This
a million times better than
I've been using!" C.R.,
Program /
Project /Customer
Manager, GA

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